Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yabbadabbadoo . The Bedrock 50

Today I took part in an inaugural 52km running event in the foothills near Oxford. The day started chilly but the cloud burned off after a couple of hours to have a brilliantly sunny and windless autumnal day.  40 competitors assembled which was a promising turnout for this event.

The first 10 km involved a steady climb through bush. Plenty of bellbirds singing.

At 24km the run followed flat straight gravel roads for approx 15km

The flat road was followed by this killer of a hill going up 600m  over 1km

The top was followed by a mostly steady downhill to the finish. A few bogs had to be negotiated. The winner managed this in 4h38m. I felt pretty pleased coming in at 7h55m

Yet another event which has to be done again next year! The "Bedrock 50" Rocks!

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  1. Hey Mick. Great meeting you and thanks for the panadol!

    Great photos there too. 600m over 1KM!!! Wowzers.

    Great blog. Greta cause. Abd good luck with the Northface....i'd love to do that next year.